Zanzibar Honeymoon – 6 Days - Gemsbok ToursZanzibar Honeymoon – 6 Days - Gemsbok Tours

Trip Introduction

Those crystal-clear waters and beautiful white-sand beaches can become reality for you and your partner on this idyllic trip of a life time. Before heading for the sands, take a tour of historic Stone Town, the island capital. Winding alleys, bustling bazaars, ornate architecture… a fascinating tour through history and the everyday lives of the islanders.

And try the Spice Tour, enjoying a more rural landscape… after all, Zanzibar is internationally known as ‘Spice Island. Then it’s me for the beach, and you will spend the next three days at your chosen beach hotel in Nungwi, formerly a ramshackle fishing village but now a resort with bars, restaurants and shops. What will you do? Relaxation or water sports – the choice is yours.

Or, what about a visit to the Menai Bay Conservation Area, an area of outstanding beauty and a chance to see dolphins showing-off, to explore the mangrove lagoons and taste some delicious seafood. Your dreaming has become a reality…

Trip Highlights

  • A tour of Stone Town, revealing its rich history through its architecture and its modern-day vibrancy through its busy bazaars.
  • The Spice Tour, visiting the plantations in rural Zanzibar, enjoying the aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon, cloves and pepper. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.
  • Nungwi and the beautiful white-sand beaches, paradise for a spot of well-earned relaxation, sunbathing or reading a book.
  • World-class water sports, in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. Windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba-diving, sailing, kayaking and waterskiing – whichever you fancy.
Trip Style
Comfort – Accommodation: Travelers will be staying in small lodges and tented camps, bathroom facilities are ensuite, this option is perfect balance of quality and price. Comfort accommodations are handpicked to ensure the best quality.


From: JRO To: Stone Town
Accommodation: Kholle House
Meal: Half Board
From: Stone Town To: Nungwi
Accommodation: Sultan Sands Island Resort
Meal: Full Board
DAY 3 – 5
From / To: Nungwi
Accommodation: Sultan Sands Island Resort
Meal: Full Board
From: Nungwi To: Airport

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