Umbwe Route 6 Days

  • Umbwe Route 6 Days

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Tour Details

Umbwe route is one of the toughest Kilimanjaro routes because of its rapid gain in altitude for the first two days. Traditionally the Umbwe Route used to go through the Western Breach and Arrow’s glacier but that was changed due to tragic rock falls that killed some hikers; now Umbwe Route joins Machame Route at Barranco Camp at the end of the second day. The success rate on Umbwe Route is relatively low compared to other routes because the climbing profile for the first two days does not allow climbers any time to acclimatize. For the first two days is very low it only picks up when hikers join Machame Route at Barranco Camp. Umbwe Route is suited for climbers who are looking for a challenging climb or those who are confident in their ability to ascend steeply without much time to acclimatize. It is also a good route for those who want a secludes climb for the first two days of the hike.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Arusha – Umbwe Gate (1640m) – Umbwe Camp (2930 m)
Trekking Distance: ~ 10.5 km Trekking Time: 5-7 hours Zone: Rainforest After breakfast and briefing in Arusha, you will be driven to Umbwe Gate(1640m), where our guides will help you register with the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities. The trek follows a trail that ascends sharply through forests along the Lonzo and Umbwe Rivers. In some areas, you will need hold onto tree roots as you push yourself up against the trail. The trek to Umbwe Camp is long and includes a significant altitude gain; you will reach Umbwe Camp(2930m) after 5 – 7 hours of trekking. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Umbwe Camp(2930m).
Day 2 Umbwe Camp (2930 m) - Barranco Camp (3960m)
Distance: ~ 8 km Time: 6-8 hours Zone: Rainforest / Low Alpine After breakfast at Simba Camp, you will start trekking towards Kikelewa Camp(3630m) which is about 8 km away. As you head towards Kikelewa Camp you will notice that the vegetation changes from Rainforest to moorland where grass and shrubs dominate. You will reach Second Cave(3450m) around lunchtime; lunch will be served and then you will continue trekking towards Kikelewa Camp(3630m) where dinner will be served. Note: If you opt to do Rongai Route for 8 days you will stop at Rongai Second Cave(3450m) for the night and then proceed to Kikelewa the next day. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Kikelewa Camp(3630m).
Day 3 Barranco Camp (3960m) - Karanga Camp(4035m)
Distance: ~ 6 km Time: 4-6 hours Zone: Low Alpine / High Alpine Zones You will start this day with a steep climb to the top of the Barranco Wall. After climbing the Barranco Wall you will follow a trail that follows ups and downs through the Karanga Valley towards Karanga Camp(4035m). You will reach Karanga Camp in the afternoon and lunch will be served. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Karanga Camp(4035m).
Day 4 Karanga Camp(4035 m) - Barafu Camp(4640m)
Distance: ~ 3.5 km Time: 4-5 hours Zone: High Alpine After breakfast at Karanga Camp, you will trek towards Barafu Camp(4640m) following a trail that goes through a rocky terrain in the sparsely vegetated high alpine zones. The ascent from Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp is relatively short. You will arrive at Barafu Camp around lunch time; lunch will be served and the remainder of the day will be spent relaxing in preparation for that night’s summit to Uhuru Peak. At Barafu Camp the summit is only 1345 meters away and here tents will be pitched on a stony narrow ridge that is constantly exposed to gales Prepare you climbing equipment and clothing to keep you warm for the next climb later that night. It is advised that you got to bed around 7 PM in order to get as much rest as possible because you will be awoken just before midnight to commence the final ascent to Uhuru Peak (5895m).
Day 5 Barafu Camp(4640m) - Uhuru Peak(5895m) - Mweka Camp(3,100 m)
Distance: ~ 4.5 km ascent and 11 km descent Time: 6-8 hours to the summit and then 5-8 hours descent to Mweka Camp Zone: Glacial Zone, High Alpine & Low Alpine Zones You will be woken just before midnight for a quick snack and hot tea. After the snack, you will start the ascent to Uhuru Peak by torchlight and through heavy scree. The ascent is physically and mentally challenging considering the fact that it is being done at night, by torchlight and through heavy scree. In order to overcome the mental and physical challenges stayed focused and maintain your momentum, by taking one step at a time. It will take about 5-7 hours to reach Stella Point(5739m) on the crater rim. From Stella Point, the trek follows a flat snow-covered trail until it reaches Uhuru Peak(5895m). Once at Uhuru Peak, savor the moment because you made it to the roof of Africa. At Uhuru Peak, you will also enjoy amazing views of lands far below the mountain as the morning sun rises gently in the horizon. Take as many photos as you can but do not spend too much time at Uhuru Peak; the cold, lack of enough oxygen and fatigue can make it hard to start moving again. From the summit, you will descend to Barafu Camp where you will enjoy a warm meal and some break. From Barafu Camp you will descend further to Mweka Camp(3100m). During the descent, you should use trekking poles because the steep descent can be very grueling to your joints. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Mweka Camp(3100m).
Day 6 Mweka Camp(3100m) - Mweka Gate(1980m) - Arusha
Distance: ~ 9 km Time: 3-5 hours Zone: Rainforest On the sixth day, after breakfast at Mweka Camp, you will down to Mweka Gate(1980m) through the rainforests in the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. At Mweka Gate, you will be presented with certificates if you made it to Stella Point or Uhuru Peak. Our drivers will be waiting for you at the gate ready to drive you to your hotel in Arusha where you will take a much-needed shower and celebrate your success.