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Machame Route is one of the most popular routes on Kilimanjaro; it is only second to the Marangu Route in popularity. This route is also most scenic routes on Kilimanjaro; it provides hikers with incredible views and varying landscapes.

Machame Route is relatively difficult; the difficulty is mostly due to the fact that climbers have to ascend the Barranco Wall on the fourth day. Climbers also have to bear with a steep ascent to the summit. Due to this demanding nature, the route has been nicknamed “the whiskey route”; denoting that it is slightly challenging when compared to other routes. Regardless of the relative difficulty on this route, the success rate is fairly high.

On Machame route you will sleep in tents; meals are also served in a dining tent. Equipment and supplies are carried by potters who will also help pitch your tents at night.

Trekkers on Machame Route will experience both the south and southwest sides of Kilimanjaro since they ascend one way and descend the other way. Hikers will also experience late afternoon sunsets over the Shira ridge and occasional views of Mount Meru and Kibo summit.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Arusha – Machame Gate (1,743 m) – Machame Camp (2,980 m)
Trekking Distance: ~ 11 km Trekking Time: 5-7 hours Zone: Rainforests The Machame route starts at Machame Gate (1743m) and the overall distance that will be covered on this route is approximately 62 km. After breakfast and briefing in Arusha, you will be driven to Machame Gate(1743m), where our guides will help you register with the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities. Day one is a long trek through the rainforests that ends at Machame Camp(2980m) which sits at the border between the rainforest and the low alpine zone. Upon arrival at Machame Camp, your porters will serve you dinner ready for a night of rest. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Machame Camp(2980m).
Day 2 Machame Camp (2,980 m) - Shira Camp (3,840 m)
Trekking Distance: ~ 5 km Trekking Time: 4-6 hours Zone: Rainforest / Low Alpine Breakfast will be served at Machame Camp and after that, you will commence your ascent to Shira Camp(3840m). After about one hour of ascent you will leave the rainforests behind and enter the alpine zone which is characterized by moorlands; the trek is relatively steep. You will continue trekking through the moorland for about two hours and then lunch will be served. After lunch you will continue trekking up a rocky ridge on the Shira plateau; you will enjoy spectacular views of Mount Meru on the East and Kibo in the North-East. The night at Shira Camp will be colder compared to the previous one; temperatures can drop to below freezing. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Shira Camp(3840m).
Day 3 Shira Camp (3,840m) - Lava Tower (4,630 m) – Barranco Camp (3,960 m)
Distance: ~ 11 km Time: 5-7 hours Zone: Low Alpine / High Alpine Day 3 is a long and tough trek that will help your body to acclimatize. You will ascend up to the Lava Towers(4630m) and then descend back down to Barranco Camp(3960m); at the end of the day, your final destination will only be slightly higher than the previous night. After breakfast, you will start your ascent to the Lava Towers through a rocky semi-desert terrain and then lunch will be served. After lunch, you will start descent of about 680 m back down to Barranco Camp(3,960 m). Barranco Camp is one of the most beautiful camps on Kilimanjaro; here climbers can experience beautiful sunsets. The ascent followed by descent helps your body become accustomed to altitude changes (acclimatize), which is a much-needed benefit for climbers. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Barranco Camp(3960m).
Day 4 Barranco Camp (3,960 m) -Karanga Valley - Barafu Camp (4,640 m)
Distance: ~ 10 km Time: 8-10 hours Zone: High Alpine On Day 4 you will ascend the steep Barranco Wall which is a 260-meter rock face that is the highlight of this trek. After making your way past the Barranco Wall, you will enjoy beautiful views of Kibo’s southern glaciers. Lunch will be served in the Karanga Valley. From Karanga Valley, the trek will go through a series of ups and downs until reaching Karanga Camp(4200m). Since we are doing Machame Route in 6 days, we will continue from Karanga Camp all the way to Barafu Camp(4640m) where we will set camp for the night. Note: Trekkers doing Machame Route in 7 days will spend the night at Karanga Camp(4200m); they will then continue to Barafu Camp(4640m) the next day. At Barafu Camp the summit is only 1345 meters away and here tents will be pitched on a stony narrow ridge that is constantly exposed to gales. Prepare you climbing equipment and clothing to keep you warm for the next climb later that night. It is advised that you got to bed around 7 PM in order to get as much rest as possible because you will be awoken just before midnight to commence the final ascent to Uhuru Peak (5895m).
Day 5 Barafu Camp (4,640 m) - Uhuru Peak (5,895m) - Mweka Camp(3,100 m)
Distance: ~ 4.5 km ascent and 11 km descent Time: 6-8 hours to the summit and then 5-8 hours descent to Mweka Camp Zone: Glacial Zone, High Alpine & Low Alpine Zones You will be woken just before midnight for a quick snack and hot tea. After the snack, you will start the ascent to Uhuru Peak by torchlight and through heavy scree. The ascent is steep and challenging but all you have to do is maintain your momentum, one step at a time. It takes about 5-7 hours to reach Stella Point(5739m) which is on the crater rim. Once at Stella Point you will rest for a short while and while there, if the weather is good you will experience an impressively beautiful sunrise. From Stella Point, the trek follows a snow-covered trail until it reaches Uhuru Peak(5895m). Once at Uhuru Peak, you will be standing on the roof of Africa and there you will experience the splendor and glory of the Kilimanjaro. You will also enjoy amazing views of lands far below the mountain as the sun gently brightens them. It is advised not to spend too much time at Uhuru Peak as it will be hard to start moving again due to fatigue, lack of enough oxygen and cold. You will descend to Barafu Camp where you will enjoy a short break and a warm hearty meal. After the break, you will continue with the descent all the way to Mweka Camp(3100m) which lies in the upper parts of the rainforests. During the descent, you should use trekking poles because the descent can be very tough on your joints and it sometimes goes through glacial scree. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Mweka Camp(3100m).
Day 6 Mweka Camp(3100m) - Mweka Gate(1980m) - Arusha
Distance: ~ 9 km Time: 3-5 hours Zone: Rainforest After breakfast at Mweka Camp, you will embark on a descent through the rainforest as you head to Mweka Gate(1980m). At Mweka Gate, you will be presented with certificates if you made it to Stella Point or Uhuru Peak. Our drivers will be waiting for you at the gate ready to drive you to your hotel in Arusha where you will take a long warm shower and celebrate your success.

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