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Lemosho route starts at Londorossi Gate(2250m) which is located on the Western side of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is a relatively new route on Mount Kilimanjaro and not very many people use it.

On the first 3 days you will enjoy the western side of the mountain which is still very wild and if you are lucky, you may spot buffaloes and elephants along the trails. On day 3 Lemosho Route joins Machame Route at the Lava Towers(4630m).

This route is normally done in 7 days but some hikers choose to do it in 8 days. Those who opt for 8 days get an extra day to acclimatize in order to increase their chances of reaching the summit.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Arusha - Londorossi Gate(2250m) - Big Tree Camp (2780 m)
Trekking Distance: ~ 5.5 km Trekking Time: 3-4 hours Zone: Rainforest After breakfast and briefing in Arusha, you will be driven to Londorossi Gate, where our guides will help you register with the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities. After registration at the gate, you will be driven for about 15 km to the starting point; this drive will be on a rough bumpy terrain. Sometimes during the rainy season, this terrain becomes inaccessible by vehicles; during this season hikers may have to walk the distance to the starting point. From the starting point, you will trek up a fairly steep trail that will take you through a natural forest to the Big Tree Camp(2780 m). This trail goes through a territory inhabited by wild animals so you will be accompanied by an armed ranger for the first 2 days of the trek. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Big Tree Camp(2780m).
Day 2: Big Tree Camp (2780 m) - Shira Camp 2 (3840m)
Distance: ~ 16 km Time: 6-8 hours Zone: Rainforest / Low Alpine On day 2 the trail goes through a rainforest that thins gradually and changes to heathland and moorland; the trail also gets steeper as you approach the moorland. Lunch is served at Shira Camp 1 which is located on the western fringes of the Shira Plateau. After lunch, you will continue with the trek which will take you up the Shira plateau until you reach Shiara Camp 2 where you will enjoy great views of the Western Breach of Mount Kilimanjaro. Note: If you opt to do Lemosho Route in 8 days, you will stop at Shira Camp 1(3500m) for the night and then proceed to Shira Camp 2(3840m) the next day. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Shira Camp 2(3840m).
Day 3: Shira Camp 2 (3840m) - Lava Tower (4630 m) – Barranco Camp (3960m)
Distance: ~ 11 km Time: 5-7 hours Zone: Low Alpine / High Alpine After breakfast at Shaira Camp 2, you will embark on a long trek that will take you through the Shira Plateau and ascend up to the Lava Tower(4630m). As you approach the Lava Tower, the landscape gradually becomes barren. Lunch will be served at Lava Tower. After lunch, the terrain will descend through the Barranco valley all the way to Barranco Camp(3960m) which almost at the same altitude as Shira Camp 2(3840m) where you spent the previous night. This ascent to the Lava Tower and then descent to Barranco Camp helps your body acclimatize to altitude changes. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Barranco Camp (3960m).
Day 4: Barranco Camp (3960m) - Karanga Camp (4200m)
Distance: ~ 5 km Time: 4-5 hours Zone: High Alpine After breakfast at Barranco Camp, you will head out to conquer the Barranco Wall which is a steep rock face standing at approximately 260 m; the wall is the steepest part of this route. In some parts of the ascent you may be forced to use all your four limbs for a better grip; in the end, you will make it and you will be rewarded by stunning views of the southern glacier of Kibo. After conquering the wall you will follow a terrain that goes through ups and downs all the way to Karanga Camp(4200m), where you will reach around lunch time. After lunch, you will spend the remainder of the day resting at Karanga Camp. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Karanga Camp (4200m).
Day 5: Karanga Camp(4200m) - Barafu Camp (4640m)
Distance: ~ 3.5 km Time: 4-5 hours Zone: High Alpine After breakfast at Karanga Camp, you will trek along a trail that goes through an alpine desert until reaching Barafu Camp(4640m) where lunch will be served. After lunch, you will spend the rest of the day relaxing in preparation for the coming summit night. Dinner will be served early so hikers can catch a few hours of sleep before midnight. You should get to bed around 7 PM because you will be awoken just before midnight to commence the final ascent to Uhuru Peak (5895m). Before going to bed, take some time to prepare you climbing equipment and clothing that will keep you warm for the next climb, later that night.
Day 6: Barafu Camp (4640 m) - Uhuru Peak (5895m) - Mweka Camp(3100 m)
Distance: ~ 4.5 km ascent and 11 km descent Time: 6-8 hours to the summit and then 5-8 hours Mweka Gate Zone: Glacial, High Alpine & Low Alpine Around midnight you will be awoken to a cup of hot tea a light snack after which the final ascent to Uhuru Peak will start. You will trek through heavy scree as you try to make your way to the crater rim; the trick here is to maintain a consistent pace as you push towards Stella Point. You will reach Stella Point(5739m) at dawn and here you can take a short rest and enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the lands below the mountain. After resting, you will embark on the final push toward Uhuru Peak(5985m) where you will reach after 1-2 hours. From the “Roof of Africa,” you will enjoy spectacular views of the land below the mountain as it is illuminated by the early morning sun – this experience is truly unforgettable. The amount of time you will spend at the summit is limited; if you stay there long the cold, fatigue and insufficient oxygen levels can make it difficult to start moving again. Once at Uhuru Peak, take as many pictures as you can, savor the moment and the start the descent. From the summit start the descent to Mweka Camp through Stella Point and Barafu Camp. Once at Barafu Camp, you will take a short break and thereafter, you will descend further to Mweka Camp(3,100m). Dinner and overnight accommodation at Mweka Camp (3100m).
Day 7: Mweka Camp(3100m) - Mweka Gate(1980m) - Arusha
Distance: ~ 9 km Time: 3-5 hours Zone: Rainforest After breakfast at Mweka Camp, you will embark on a descent through the rainforest as you head to Mweka Gate(1980m). At Mweka Gate, you will be presented with certificates if you made it to Stella Point or Uhuru Peak. Our drivers will be waiting for you at the gate ready to drive you to your hotel in Arusha where you will take a long warm shower and celebrate your success.

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